Last day of Spring Break ’16

Well, it’s been such a quick Spring Break, I can hardly believe it. And my son has slept in until past 7 every day, so we can call that an Easter miracle. 

Monday, we didn’t do much. The weather was crappy and we were all exhausted from Easter. Henry took a 4 hour nap at my parents then we all hung out and ate dinner. 

Tuesday, Craig and I cleaned the enclosed porch and garage and organized it a bit. Craig did most of  it as I had a hair appointment at 11:30 am. 

Wednesday I went down to Cincinnati to visit my BFF, Liz. We had a GREAT time. We went to downtown Cincinnati and had a delicious lunch at a restaurant called the Yardhouse. It is a chain that was my favorite place to eat when I lived in California , eons ago, with my other BFF, Tracy. (In fact, I am sure the Yardhouse is significantly represented in my credit card debt. 😒…more on that later.) We had a decadent, delicious, indulgent lunch, which we followed with a brisk 70 minute walk on the river walk. It was a beautiful day- 75 and sunny- with a nice breeze. Liz and I have so much to talk about when we get together. We both teach middle school at a Catholic school, and we both struggle with our weight, we are both moms, and the list goes on and on. Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about this day. I ended up having Halo Top ice cream for dinner/evening snack because I didn’t really have calories for a meal. 

Thursday, Craig and I dropped Henry off at my parents, got our teeth cleaned, and then headed to Columbus  for a night away. My dad used his hotel points to get us the hotel, and when we got there they gave use a free upgrade to the club floor so we got free breakfast and happy hour appetizers and half price beer and wine! It was awesome. I had these amazing wonton wraps with marscapone cheese and figs in them. I had too many actually! I went into Thursday with no intent of tracking and just eating and drinking whatever I wanted. 

And these were some of the things that happened. 

Oy vey. 

I ended up entering everything I ate and drank and it was TWO days worth of food. I felt gross. And guilty. And I can’t believe I ate like that all of the time. Blech. I was nervous that it would lead to a weekend bender of junk food, but this morning, at our free breakfast I got right back on track despite many delicious tempting foods. 


And I went to three classes at the gym this afternoon/evening. 

I feel good about the rest of the weekend. 

And I was so happy to see this face.  

(Photo Cred to my brother in law- he took these on Easter)

Happy Friday, everybody! Now we start the summer break count down!!☺️


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Last day of Spring Break ’16

  1. Angie says:

    Once in awhile you need a day like that. It is really ok. I am glad you had so much fun with Liz. I love seeing Henry all the time😘
    But it’s been so long since I’ve seen Craig he looks so good too.
    Love ya all, Aunt Angie

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