-0.6 this week, -26.6 total

It’s a small loss and I am sure it’s mostly water, but considering I consumed 4,499 calories on Thursday I will take it!! And I am focused to get closer to -30 lbs!!! I am ready to hit that milestone. I am ready to make some caloric sacrifices this week that I’ve been having trouble making. I had to lower my calories a few weeks ago and it was hard for me to do. But, I think I am settling in at that calorie range now. Finally. 
I am exhausted and I was at the gym from 4:20-7:30 tonight taking classes, and helping out and going to our meeting. I am exhausted. For various reasons, myself and Henry, I only got 6 hours of broken sleep. 

So, I am going to bed in a few minutes. 

Monday is down. Four days until the weekend! 

Beth WA

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