Non-Scale Victories this week

There are obviously many difficult moments and challenges faced when you are trying to lose weight. But, there many benefits to being on a journey to health and fitness. So, I wanted to list a few of those I have noticed this week. I like to call them non scale victories. 

* my biggest jeans are officially too big to wear. 

* I can almost cross my legs all of the way 

* I was at a party and sat in a smaller chair with arms and fit. 

* I had a stressful week and I used mostly exercise to deal with it. I ate on the high end of my calories and lots of carbs but no binging! 

* My controlled blood pressure (with two pills) has always been in the high 120’s- low 130’s over high 80’s to 90’s. It now consistently reads 110-119 over 75-80. And my pulse has gone down considerably. 

* when we were planning service day at school I would’ve normally been happy with a sedentary inside assignment but I was excited to get assigned to outside mulch duty. 

* I taught a fitness class. It went awful and I totally stressed but I tried it. I never ever would’ve done that 6 months ago. 

* I eat with dignity. 

* I have energy to play with Henry. 

Here are our Saturday morning selfies. 


And a few of him walking on the couch like he is not supposed to. 

Well, I am off to have some coffee. 



Beth WA

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2 Responses to Non-Scale Victories this week

  1. Love to hear all of your accomplishments!!!! Let’s plan another day downtown Cincinnati…Maybe with the kiddos this time.
    Ryan has those same jammies in two different sizes…which means Henry will have them soon 🙂

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