Getting lackadaisical. 

I lost 4.2 lbs last week so I found myself indulging Monday night. Nothing was off plan, and was actually planned, but I could’ve definitely been satisfied with less. I had pizza for lunch, and not even good pizza. And today I ate dinner rather whimsically without checking how many calories it was and if I had enough left. It ended up working out fine, but it prompted me to make the pepper salad for my lunch the rest of the week to go with my turkey/salami/Swiss sandwich.  Here’s a look at the prep.  

And … The finished product. 


It’s good plain, or to use as a salsa for chips. Or on top of chicken. 

I will post the oatmeal recipe and this recipe tomorrow or Thursday. I am off to bed. I am EXHAUSTED. 

Beth WA

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2 Responses to Getting lackadaisical. 

  1. Send me some of that recipe, like, immediately.

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