the perfect gift

Buying gifts is something I love to do – but ONLY when I have the perfect idea in mind. This does not always happen at the opportune times, like Christmas and Birthdays. In fact, this is something that rarely happens at Christmas and Birthdays. And if I was one of those organized people who bought things when they saw them, and saved them for the holidays, I would be a step ahead of the game.

But, why ruin my rep?

You may be wondering what got me on this topic…well, I have the perfect gift for Beth FS. I know she will love it. That is the key to a good gift – knowing a person well enough that you can get them a gift you know they will love.
And right now I am so excited to get it to her….Can I wait until Saturday when I have the next plan to see her?

Probably not.

I will post it once she sees it.

Well, I have it to her! Yay. And she loved it.
You see, Beth FS has been loving on Friday Night Lights for months now. I had watched seasons 1 and 2 when they were originally on, then stopped watching it because I didn’t like the mid to late season 2. She explained to me that this was during the writers’ strike, and I had to give it a chance.

Now, I can’t stop watching it. I am totally and completely in love with Dillon Football. More specifically, Tim Riggins and Coach Taylor.
Anyway, I picked this out for her on the interweb.


Beth WA

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