Strawberries and Bananas

I had the best breakfast this morning. I made something that every single time I make it, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, and it is super easy and 1 WW Points Plus. So, why don’t I make it more often?!?!

I made oat pancakes (1/3 cup Krusteaz pancake mix, 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup or so of water, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, with chia seeds on top), but that is not the exciting part. Although, they were delicious.

It was the topping. Frozen Strawberries and sliced banana in a pan with a teaspoon of Splenda brown sugar, a sprinkle of sugar, a speck of butter, and a dash of honey. (I know you don’t normally describe “dash” honey, but you know what I mean.) I just warmed that in a small skillet, so it carmelized, and warmed, and became even more delicious. I put this in my pancakes with a dash of maple syrup, just to get a maple flavor that I love with pancakes.
It was satisfying, delicious, and it only took about 7 minutes.
I will say I used real butter in the strawberries and as a topping on my pancakes. I think it makes a real difference. I used VERY LITTLE, but enough to make the difference that real butter makes.


I am enjoying this lazy Saturday morning watching “The Good Wife” DVD’s I got from Netflix, and reading magazines, cutting coupons, and reading blogs in google reader.
At some point, I am going to try my new workout video and equipment. Kettlebells. Bob Harper Video. I am excited to try it, but not excited enough to end my lazy Saturday morning early.

Here is a picture of my breakfast. It ain’t pretty, but it sure was DELICIOUS.


-Beth WA

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