Edamame Hummus

So, I’ve always liked hummus. I just have this weird thing about it’s texture. I like to dip crackers, pita, or pita chips into it, but not vegetables. I don’t know why. It’s not a flavor thing, it is definitely something with texture.
Until now.

I thought I’d try this edamame hummus, even though it was green. And I haven’t turned back. I love it with everything. Even vegetables.
But I like it best with crackers, pita and chips!
Here’s a picture. You should try it.


Also, just thought I’d pass along something delicious I had last night for dinner. I went to the grocery store to get something to eat after tutoring last night. It was late, and I wanted something quick…with no meat.
I was looking in the frozen food section for a pizza with no meat. I could only find plain cheese. No veggie. Now that I think about it, maybe they had a special Lent pizza section that I was missing.
Anyway, I ran into this delicious Private Selection Fire Roasted Vegetable Pizza that didn’t have a terrible ingredient list, and was only 5 points for a serving – a large serving.
Here’s a pic of the box and the pizza. I added a bit of goat cheese to mine, because I love goat cheese.



I hope everybody has a great night.
I live in Ohio and it is almost 70 degrees out!! UNSEASONABLY warm.
And sunny.
I think it is making everybody a bit more cheerful.
Off to tutoring…
-Beth WA

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3 Responses to Edamame Hummus

  1. P.J. Murphy says:

    I’ve been meaning to try that stuff too. I’ll pick some up this weekend.

    Also, kuddos on giving up meat for Lent! How is it going? This is a little late, but here are some recipes that might help with the remaining weeks.


    I know you know about Matt Frazier’s No Meat Athlete website, but I’ll share this recipe with you anyway:


    I don’t use a jalepeno pepper and lately I’ve been serving it over quinoa, but it is probably one of my favorite things to make. I think Jen and the kids like it too, but they’re probably getting sick of it…

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