Not so Lazy River…

Well, today I tried a new form of exercise at our local public pool.  They have a lazy river portion that is a round path in the pool that has a slight current.  Well, the current feels slight when you are walking *with* it.  The exercise we did was walking against the current.  We did this for an hour.  The session is an hour and a half, but my friend had to leave after an hour, so I left then, too.  It’s nice because it is before the pool opens to the public, so it’s only us walkers in there.

I’ve been rather lazy this summer, especially as far as exercise goes.  My friend was having the same experience, so we both really felt good about ourselves getting out of the house, exercising, and socializing all at the same time!

I go again on Thursday – I will take pictures, because I am not sure I am explaining it well.

Anyway, on Tuesdays, I am planning on linking and commenting on some of my favorite blog reads/gossip headlines this week.  I hope to have a longer list next week, as I just started back up again.

I enjoyed this article.

(I can’t figure out how to link without showing the whole link.  I used to know how to do this, and now I can’t figure it out.)

Anyway, the highlight of this article: If stripped of his titles, Armstrong would have his official profession downgraded to “Sheryl Crow’s Ex-Boyfriend Who Loved Bikes.”

I just love Gawker.

Next one I loved was this one of awkward family photos.  As somebody who spends a lot of time on the internet, I’ve seen a lot of these.  However, this is the gold medal post of the ones I’ve seen.

I can’t even pick a favorite.  They are all so creepy and awesomely weird.

I also loved this blog post about Serena Williams winning Wimbledon.  I love the title – Serena Williams proves winning Wimbledon never gets old!

My favorite gossip story was that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finalizing divorce settlement in a few short weeks.  The story was too saturated and overdone (like most).  And plus, I love Katie Holmes.  I’ve loved her since she was Joey on Dawson’s Creek.

Have a great Tuesday!!!

-Beth WA

Beth FS here.  I have ended my blogging hiatus to figure out the text as link.  😉  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Beth WA’s posts, and hope to begin writing some of my own again soon!

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