Thursday’s Post

The days of summer are so relaxing, but they go by so quickly.  On Thursday I was planning on writing about the new recipe I tried this week.  It wasn’t all that healthy, but it was delicious.  I knew this because, normally, my husband does not speak during dinner.  Any attempts at conversation by me are greeted with, “I’m eating.”  So, when I made this recipe – Taco Pasta – and he stopped mid dinner more than once to tell me how good it was, I knew I had “done good.”

Also, the only picture I took was before I added the pasta, the cream cheese, and the sour cream.  My presentation was quite beautiful with a bit of sharp cheddar and cilantro.  Shoot.  I need a lot of work as far as living life as a “blogger.”  HA HA.

Here is the only photo evidence:

Taco Pasta before Pasta was added.


I hope everybody had a great Thursday!

Beth WA

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