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Well, my plan for Mondays was to do a meal plan, and since I don’t have one this week, as I am going out of town on Thursday, and I ordered pizza tonight, I didn’t do a blog about it.

For Tuesdays, I gather up my favorite links of the week.

First, I found this combination interesting – peanuts and coke – and even more interesting, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it before.  I am not sure I could eat this as much as love sweet and salty.  I just can’t picture the flavor and texture of this.  Although, I said the same thing about beer margaritas, and that didn’t stop me from downing them like they were going out of style!

This was just a post on buzzfeed that I found hilarious.  I am new to buzzfeed, and am in the honeymoon phase.

Perez Hilton posted this awesomely hilarious video about that song by Gotye.  Seriously, when it first came out I thought it was an inside joke that everybody but me understood.  But, now, I love singing along to it.  Especially since my mom accidentally made it her “ring BACK” tone instead of her ringer, so I hear it often.

I’ve always loved Katie Holmes, since the days of Dawson’s Creek, so I liked this particular post. (Buzzfeed, again.)

I try not to just be a hater of scientology, but truthfully, it scares me.  And so does Tom Cruise.  This article fed my fears.  Probably because it was CNN instead of Perez, or PopSugar where I get most of my “news.”  (No offense to either, of course)

And lastly, a feel good video.  Taco Bell rules.


Happy Tuesday.

love, beth WA

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