Veggie Tales

So, as I mentioned, my husband has decided to make some healthy changes in his life, namely following the Weight Watcher’s Core Program, without actually joining WW formally. What this program consists of is a list of foods that you can eat as much as you need to feel satisfied. The food mostly protein and vegetables, and one serving of grains per day. You get your carbs from fruit, which is on the list of foods. This program worked well for him but not for me. See, if I could stop eating when I “felt satisfied,” then I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.
I am excited that my husband is doing this, because maybe I will be able to stick to the program better. I am usually good 5 out of 7 days, but that is making me stagnant. I am not gaining, but I am not losing.
So, today I went to the grocery store to get us off on the right food foot. I cut up a bunch of veggies and portioned them out so we can just grab them out of the fridge.



While I was at the grocery store, I saw my friend whom I used to exercise regularly with. We stopped exercising at a time I started a second job and her mom got really sick. Well, now her mom is better and I am working only one job, so we decided to start up again. It will be so nice to have my work out partner back. It is the accountability I need to be back on track as far as exercise goes.

This week is the last week before the kids are in school. So, I will be attending meetings, setting up my classroom, having our open house, and finishing up my lesson and unit plans for the first quarter.
Oh, and eating vegetables.

oxoxo, Beth WA

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