Frank’s Red Hot

So, I am so late to the game on Frank’s Red Hot. My husband has been putting it on food for the seven years that I’ve known him. He especially likes it on his eggs. I’ve always been a ketchup girl with eggs….until this past week. I’ve become obsessed with it on my eggs. This is especially weird, because I don’t normally like eggs for breakfast on school days, because they usually just don’t sound good that early. But, I had to make them every day so I could have my Frank’s.



I also started back to the gym on Saturday. I went to an 8 AM Step Aerobics Class with my friend Marianne. It was SO fun. And I loved the teacher. I especially loved that when I put it in the Weight Watchers Activity Tracker it was 14 points for 45 minutes! I could sure tell – I was SOOO sweaty. And I am so excited because she teaches the same class Monday and Wednesday at 4:30. This is good for several reasons. One, I can stop home and let the dog out. And two, this is my prime snacking time if I am at home. If I am busy, I can avoid snacks. And even better, I will be not at home AND exercising.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am going to go to Cardio Kick Boxing with Marianne at 7:30 at night. Hopefully this new schedule will help get rid of these l-b’s!!!

And here is a picture of my adorable niece. I assured her you couldn’t tell her eyes were closed because of her sunglasses, and she believed me. Shh…don’t tell her.


Here’s to a great week…

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  1. I also love a little heat on everything! And, congrats on getting back to the gym. I am proud of you, friend!

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