Chicken Fried Rice

Well, Monday was nice to me, so that was good. Instead of a regular school day, we had a retreat with all of the staff. It was nice, and relaxing, and also, it ended at 1:30! Woo hoo.
AND, instead of coming home and taking a nap, I did my second workout of the week to achieve my October goals.
I was really proud of myself. It reminded me of that song on the Biggest Loser, “Do something everyday to make yourself proud…” Or something like that….
As I was on my walk, I actually felt like I was on my way to losing the rest of the weight I need to lose, which is a lot. I was laughing at myself on my walk, because I spent the first 15 minutes of the walk talking myself out of the full 45 minutes. But, I just kept walking, thinking, if I walked 22 minutes away from my house, I’d have to walk 22 minutes back. And, it worked.

I went to my niece, Ava’s, last soccer game, and came home to make a quick dinner. I already knew what I was going to make (because I did a meal plan, per my goals!! yay me!) It was so easy. The nutrition was pretty good, too, except the soy sauce’s sodium. I used low sodium Kikkoman, and it still has a lot.

Here’s what I combined:


Some garlic and onions: (AND BUTTER!!! REAL BUTTER!!)


Some eggs:


And some sauce:



Here is the finished product. It isn’t that pretty, but it got about 4 compliments from my husband, who usually doesn’t speak at all while eating.
The microwave rice and frozen chicken even tasted exceptional in this mixture.
And, they usually don’t.


Okay, I have to go grade a million papers.

Have a good Monday!!!

Beth WA

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