What Up.

I’d say “life has been a little crazy lately” and leave it at that, but I fear that that alone doesn’t quite justify a many many month absence from blogging. So I’ll summarize quickly – In January 2012, I went back to work full time for the first time in almost seven years. I am working for a wonderful organization that I believe in with my whole heart. And I am completely overwhelmed. I have yet to find a work/life balance, which means that all aspects of the “life” part have been greatly outweighed by the “work” part. I am a perfectionist and feel a great need to do everything well at my new job, and there is A LOT to do. As a result, many all other areas of life have been moved to the back burner…my house, my health, my faith, my family, you name it. I’m not okay with that and in the last week or two, the need for balance has made itself very apparent. It will be a slow and trying process getting there, I’m sure. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband, very adaptable children, and lovely friends who love me no matter what (namely Beth WA).

Cooking is something that I love, but that I have not had or made the time for lately. In an effort to cut back on eating out junky food, yet still have some quick and healthy options to make at home, the I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday. People rave about Trader Joe’s, and I like it, but I never know what to buy there to actually make meals, and to avoid having to make a second stop at a bigger grocery store. I spent a good part of my day yesterday devoted to Trader Joe’s research and found a great blog in the process: Dinner: A Love Story. Armed with some suggestions from this and other blogs, I came home with quite a stash. This is part of it:


Please note that I did not wait until everything was put away to open the wine.

And so, that is going to be my blog motivation for the next couple of posts – talking about what I’ve tried, and what I will go back for (the nearest TJ’s is about 45 minutes away). Last night, we had this:


When I saw it on the shelf, I thought it was my opportunity to have my very favorite yet very labor intensive  Pioneer Woman pizza in eight minutes or less. It is not an acceptable substitute. However, it was good in a pinch, and great for a dinner that took less than ten minutes. f I was feeling really fancy I would have served it with some mixed greens like on the box. But I wasn’t, so I got my fruit/vegetable serving from this:


My good friend The bassist from my favorite band said it best:

Mark Hoppus‏@markhoppus When you order wine and they pour a tiny bit for you to approve like a benevolent king is the worst I have no idea pour the wine I’m stupid.

I’m not wine smart, but this is decent vino for $5.99.  I’m glad to be back, and I’m off to go finish my glass.

– Beth FS

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3 Responses to What Up.

  1. Welcome back! We’ve missed you!

  2. the2beths says:

    Thank you Liz! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  3. keepingtrac says:

    Yay!! Thank you for blogging again, and thank you for not waiting till the groceries were out away to open the wine. Both of those things are inspiring to me. 🙂

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