today has been so busy, i haven’t had time to do anything i wanted to do.

this post has a serious tone. just a warning.

first, my dear friend Liz, lost her father two years ago today. you can read her post about him, but i can tell you he was awesome. he had no trouble expressing his feelings here on earth, even before he was ill. i remember him telling me ALL of the time how much he loves me, and what a good friend I was to Liz. he just knew how to make you feel good about yourself. Liz and I often compared our dad’s often, because they were similar in many ways, but the most important thing they shared in common is that they loved their daughters in a BIG way. so, when i hear that my friend liz is in pain, i can’t quite understand completelly what she is feeling, but i know that i can’t even comprehend life without my dad, so the fact that she is forced to comprehend this at such a young time in her life, breaks my heart.

second, i just finished working for today, and i am exhasuted. school. meeting. store. cook dinner. work. now, bed.

I wanted to share the quick dinner I made when I got home at 4:15. I threw the following items in the crockpot:

2 jars of spaghetti sauce i found in my pantry. one was classico roasted garlic, and one was ragu with mushroom.

2 garlic cloves

some random italian seasonings and sugar

a package of frozen turkey meatballs

a package of spicy italian chicken sausage sliced up (also frozen)

And I just let it heat for the 3 hours before I made the pasta. It was so easy and so filling, and SO lacking in vegetables.

but, hey….i only had a minute.

off to bed to read my google reader and turn off this presidential debate. i am exhausted. and annoyed.


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  1. Thanks, friend. This means so much to me…you mean so much to me.

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