Parent/Teacher Conference Week Hangover

I am not a person who functions well when my schedule is changed. The week of parent/teacher conferences is always a tough one for me, and so is the week of the time change. These two things happened in one week. I am exhausted this week, and have hundreds and hundreds of papers to grade to catch up from last week. It is overwhelming. And in overwhelming circumstances, I often shut down.
That’s what I did this Saturday.
I had so much laundry, grading, exercising, calorie counting to do, that I did NONE of it. The only thing I managed to do was go to the grocery store and spend too much money.

And tonight, I had to do a presentation at my school’s PTO meeting, and I was super nervous about that. But, it went well. And now, I am ready to have my regular week. I will catch up on grading a little at a time. And I will eventually finish the laundry. And I stayed in my calorie count today. And, tomorrow I will go for a walk, or do some sort of exercise.

That reminds me – tomorrow I need to follow up on my October Goals post, and write a November Goals post. Although, I didn’t do too hot on my October goals. ha ha.

Well, this is a post about nothing so far. Awesome.

I just wanted to mention two things.
First, I love my husband, because he went to an orchard today to get apple cider to make a caramel apple hard cider *he is a home brewer*, and he got me these…


And when I went to the grocery store on Saturday, they had my favorite dressing. 45 calories for 2 tbsp, and it’s delicious.


My husband made a delicious dinner tonight while I was at the PTO meeting – grilled boneless pork chops, acorn squash, and salad. And I followed it up with my favorite dessert as of late – the york peppermint patty ice cream bar.

I have finished the day with 40 calories to spare. WOO HOO!
That’s better than this weekend, when I probably went thousands over my goal at my mother-in-law’s brunch. The food was DIVINE.

Okay. I should stop blabbering now.
I can’t wait until tomorrow is over – Ohio is a swing state, so the ads have been over the top and hateful. I will be glad when it the election is over, and then the residual 3-4 days before people stop b*tching about who was elected.

Have a good Monday evening!!

Beth WA

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2 Responses to Parent/Teacher Conference Week Hangover

  1. Elastamom says:

    I am glad your hubby made you dinner. I hope you start to feel less overwhelmed soon.

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