A Step Too Slow…

In high school, we had an amazing religious education program (note: I went to a Catholic school), and one of the classes was called Identity and Values. The class itself was pretty awesome, but our teacher made it outstanding. He was amazing. (He actually still is amazing.) But, he had a way of communicating life lessons and skills to high school students that was relevant, and interesting, and engaging. He taught us about healthy relationships, and unhealthy relationships. He taught us what love in a relationship really was, mostly using “The Road Less Traveled,” by M. Scott Peck as a guide. He taught us that love wasn’t dependance, and it was hard work, and rewarding. I recommend that book to anybody!! It’s so good.
I still hear things from that class in my mind, and it steered me in the right direction so many times growing up. Anyway, the reason I am bringing this story up, is that he would show us movies, and lead discussion groups on these movies, and relate them to the class.
One of them was a movie called, “A Step Too Slow,” Judge Reinhold was in it, and throughout the whole thing he is trying out for the basketball team, but he is always, “a step too slow.” And they play this song throughout the whole movie, and the words were “a step too slow,” over and over. Every time something didn’t go his way, the song played.

Anyway, throughout periods of my life, that song plays in my head, and I start singing it, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. And since having the flu on January 1st and 2nd…my last 2 days of break, I have felt…yup, you guessed it,


I had so many things I was going to accomplish those two days to get organized for going back to school, and starting the year out healthy, and active.
I didn’t get any of those things done, and feel like I have been scrambling ever since.
I am hoping to reset myself this weekend. And I hope the remnants of this flu go away – tired, still a little achey, waves of nausea, and also, I’ve been congested. Sweet.

January is a big month for me. Lots of stuff going on…mostly revolving around my brother’s move, so I have to be healthy!!!!
I was going to post about some objectives I have for 2013, but I will probably do that next week. I have a little bit of a plan, but am trying to keep things flexible. They are goals. They are not the 10 Commandments.
And this is life. And life happens.

Also, these are delicious, if I haven’t mentioned them before. My friend at work got them for me after I told her how delicious they were. She is a food lover like me! I love chatting food with her. She is a great cook.


Happy Friday to you!!!
Beth WA

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