“The Stars At Night…” Part 1

Well, happy February, friends! I am back. The last few weeks have been exciting, emotional, stressful, sad and at times surreal.

It all started the week of January 14th when I was preparing for my brother’s family’s going away party that I was hosting. This is when I did my last blog entry! I was expecting around 80 people and I knew it was going to be a blast if two things happened.
1. If it was warm enough to use our 3 season room.
2. If everybody fit.

Well, despite temperatures in the teens in the preceding days, it was 45 degrees and sunny on the day of the party. So, with a few space heaters, the room was usable, and because of that – EVERYBODY FIT!
So many of my favorite people were there. Here are a few pictures of the night…





We had so much food leftover, and so much wine and beer left. But, I would always much rather have that, than not enough.

After the party, I spent the following week starting a college class I am taking online at University of Dayton, and preparing to drive to Texas with my family to move my brother down there. (Also this week, we found out we weren’t pregnant this month : (….) My brother and my dad were driving in the moving truck, and my mom, my sister in law, my niece and I were following in my sister in law’s car. We were driving all day Saturday and Sunday to arrive early Sunday evening. My awesomer than awesome boss allowed me to take Monday and Tuesday off, so I could spend a little bit of time down there and then fly back on Tuesday afternoon.

It was a LONG two days.

Here is a picture of the truck leaving Ohio:


And, here they are driving into Texas…


It was very nice when we got there. There are three families that we know down there from Springfield, and they all showed up to help unpack the truck. One of them was also bringing furniture for my brother’s family because he was downsizing. So, they got a couch and two chairs, and a bed for my niece, all delivered!! That was SOOO nice.

Here is my brother, Jimmy, my sister in law, Georgi, and my niece, Ava at their new home right when we got there…


Well, this is Part 1 of my last two weeks. Part 2 will come later today, or tomorrow morning.
I have 120 math tests to grade. Fun Saturday!! And grocery shopping…and laundry…
But, I am HAPPY to be back in my routine. Routines are best for me.

Happy weekend to all of you!! I missed blogging.

Beth WA

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3 Responses to “The Stars At Night…” Part 1

  1. Asha says:

    I’m am sorry bethie. I a lot of emotion in a short time. i hope Jimmy, Georgi and Ava are settling in well and that gives you some happiness in knowing they are doing ok. I love you.

  2. Elastamom says:

    I am glad everybody fit. Thinking of you as you miss them!!!!

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