“…Are big and bright..” Part 2

Well, this is a bit overdue, but here is the second part of my trip to Texas to move my brother and his family down there.

The first night was a bit crazy. All of the people we know that live there came over to help unload the truck. It was so nice. I was SO exhausted. I had driven the entire time, and while driving, I felt fine. But, once we got there, I was ready to eat and then go to bed for about 10 hours!
Ava and I were able to sneak a few minutes alone in her room and she gave me a guitar show…


This girl can rock!!

Then, my mom, dad, and I went to our hotel, and to my delight, my dad had gotten me a room to myself. It was glorious. I love staying in hotels, and I LOVED having the room to myself. Especially after all of the together time we had in the car for the last 20 hours. I got a GREAT night’s sleep, woke up, and went down to the hotel’s free breakfast. It was not the best one I had been to, but they had Belgian waffles, so I had one of those. Check it out.


Texas loves itself.
Ha ha.

Then, I actually worked out! I walked on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, and it felt so good. Darn me for not continuing when I got home!!


Then, we went over to my brother’s new house, and took Ava to register at her new school. It is a really nice school!! And Ava was super excited, and also super nervous. We were laughing because the thing she is most looking forward to is there latchkey program. Here, in Ohio, she didn’t go to latchkey because her grandparents picked her up.

After registering, we went to a delicious place for lunch, and I had some amazing fish tacos made with Mahi Mahi.



I had green beans on the side! They were delicious as well.

Ava is loving the weather, and so was I!!




I sure do miss that little girl!!!

Well, today is only Wednesday, and I feel like it has been such a full week!
I have to go finish 3rd quarter interims. That’s right! THIRD QUARTER! I can’t believe it. It’s almost time to start the summer countdown.
: )

Beth WA

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