Another Snow Day!!

Well, we got a doozie of a snow storm last night. They have been building it up all week, and it delivered. Starting at about 11 last night, the snow started coming straight down. Lots of tiny flakes to make about 6 inches, I would guess. I had mixed feeling about this snow storm because tonight, my girlfriends and I are going to see P!nk in concert at a venue about 50 minutes away. So, the whole time the storm was predicted, I was hoping for enough snow to cancel school, but for it to stop early enough so the main roads would be clear for our drive to the concert. AND, it looks like that’s what happened. It stopped snowing early in the morning, and the treated roads are already looking good.

Here are some pictures from my yard. We have this very scary and VERY large pine tree in the back yard, and the snow has the branches weighed almost down to the ground when they are usually above our heads. I think this has terrified my dog, because she will not go out. She used to love the snow, but not today. The last picture is of her sitting in front of me all anxious-like with a slipper in her mouth.






I am going to do some grading today, read some magazines, and walk on the treadmill, and do my kettlebell work out. I’ll be honest, Monday and Tuesday were not good days with calorie count or exercise. I had a test done at the hospital yesterday that I was nervous about, and I think that contributed to it, but I can only take one day at a time. So, today is a new day.
(I guess I should mention that the test went fine!)

I am so excited to see P!nk tonight!!!



Have a great hump day everybody!!!
(Or my Saturday!! because I took tomorrow off as a personal day – woot woot!!!)

Beth WA

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2 Responses to Another Snow Day!!

  1. P.J. says:

    the kids and Jen had a snow day yesterday, but I didn’t. I didn’t get to see Pink either.

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