One More Week…

One more week and I get to see this sweet face in person, and smooch all over it.



I can NOT wait.

This has been a busy few weeks, at work, at home, and just all around.

Last weekend was St. Patrick’s Day, and Saturday night I went out locally with my bff’s, and had a great time. Beth FS’s husband is very hilarious, and he was entertaining us all night.
Here is a group pic of the ladies from the night. Darn it for not getting pictures of us with our husbands. That is something I need to work on, taking more pictures of fun times!


And here is a picture of the Jameson shots that Beth FS got us. It’s a tradition on St. Patrick’s Day in honor or her late Uncle Dan.


On Sunday, my dad and I drove up to Cleveland (where we are from) to see his side of the family as they always celebrate St. Patrick’s day in a big way. My cousin was home from the Navy so it was nice to see him. I have lots of cousins, but here is a picture of a few of us from the celebration.


Last night we went to my parents and I brought pizza over from the place across the street from my house that has delicious New York style pizza. We went through some old pictures (because when my dad hung his coat up in the closet, the closet broke, and the bar fell down, and it all came tumbling out….so a box pictures were discovered by me).
Here is a picture of me and my cousin, Cortney. She is my most hilarious cousin.* Truly. And she is gorgeous. She does not age, seriously.
This is us at Niagara Falls in the 70’s.


I just thought it was the sweetest picture.

On the weight front, I have been struggling. Majorly struggling. And by struggling I mean eating like crazy and not exercising. I made the decision last week to join Weight Watchers Online, and utilize their Active Link. It is a device that you wear all the time that measures your activity, and helps you set goal to become a more active person, little by little. So, I have been preparing all week for today, the day I start WW, and I have to say I woke up this morning relieved. Relieved that I am finally doing something.
It’s a vicious cycle. Infertility depresses me. I eat. I gain weight. It increases infertility. So, I need to change my coping mechanism. And that is what I am working on. I will keep you posted.

Here is what the Active Link looks like…



You can wear it clipped in the waist band of your underwear or bra, or in your pocket. You don’t even feel it. I am currently in the 7 day period where it gets a baseline of your activity. I am in day two. I am anxious to get it started when it is over. It will be just in time for my trip to Houston where I am hoping I get to take walks outside in the warmer weather.

Well, I am going to try to clean up my google reader, and do paperwork, then cleaning, laundry, and some work for my online class that I can NOT wait until it is over.
Have a great Saturday.

Beth WA

*Tied with you, Bridget. ; )

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2 Responses to One More Week…

  1. Cortney says:

    Clearly, this is my favorite post ever! I can’t wait to hear about your visit! That girl seriously rocks the pink boots!

  2. Bridge says:

    ** I appreciate the clarification. Cort and I are hilarious, but choosing between us would be like trying to pick between The Rolling Stones and the Beatles or Dylan McKay or Brandon Walsh- different styles, different influences- same hotness.

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