Saturday morning chat

Good morning. It’s my favorite time of the week. My leisurely Saturday morning.
I have chores to do, and school work to do, but I am just going to enjoy the morning first. It was a go-go-go week, so it’s nice to be still for a bit.

Can we first talk about Lil’ Wayne? What the heck?
I open my facebook app and I see this last night.


Now, Beth FS and I have a theory about TMZ. And it is this. All stories from TMZ always end up to be true.
HA HA. Right?

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but Lil’ Wayne is Catholic. And I am not sure if the fact that he got “last rites” is what made them think that he was on death’s doorstep or what. But, nowadays, that sacrament of “anointing of the sick” or “last rites” is performed more often, and not just when you are about to die.

However, when I got up this morning, I saw this…


So, weezy is recovering. Phew.

Next, can we talk about the impending doom of Google reader???? I am on google reader every single day. It is how I read the zillion blogs I read.


And now it is going away in July, and I have to find a replacement. I have been searching for suggestions, so if you have any, I’d be glad to hear them!!

My parents have been gone for two weeks, and I miss them. They are visiting my brother and his family, and I miss them, too. It’s been a lonely two weeks.
But, they have been having a great time. For the last three days, my parents took Ava to Galveston for a mini vacation. She got to do all the things you do on vacation with your grandparents…swim, order virgin daiquiris at dinner, and order room service.
Here is my little sweetheart by the pool. I just love her hair.


Well, I have a few other things I wanted to write about, but this post is getting too long! I will finish up later.
Have a great Saturday…
Beth WA

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3 Responses to Saturday morning chat

  1. Mom says:

    Miss you too booh!

  2. P.J. says:

    I probably should know this, but is Google reader simialr to an RSS feed? This may be opening a whole new world to me, which might not be a good thing, given that Google reader is going away.

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