If you build it, they will come…

Everybody remembers that line from the movie Field of Dreams. Well, I am trying this philosophy or strategy (I use that term loosely), and I purchased some work out clothes from Old Navy. Hopefully, that will push me to use them. HA HA.
I had previously purchased a few things from there, a sports bra, and a shirt and jacket, and I love all of them. So, I just added a few things to the collection.
On a positive note, I have been tracking my calories the last few days, and have been feeling good about it. Yesterday I went over my count, but today, I didn’t. I am still super exhausted in the evening from the time change (Daylight Saving Time). Today I took a 30 minute snoozer at 6:15, and I feel so much better.
I got more done today than I have in a long time on a week night. I went to see my gramma at the nursing home, I went grocery shopping, and I picked up Subway. I cleaned the kitchen (this was no small feat), did several loads of laundry, cleaned some other things, and did some work.
That is always a good sign for me of my mental well being.
The other good news is my pedometer. I had originally set my goal at 10,000 steps, as they suggest that you get each day. Well, after only getting 4972 steps yesterday I was feeling bad about myself. I set a deal with myself to work up to 10000 steps by getting more steps than the day before until I get up to 10,000. As of right now I am up to 6841 for today, and I am still in the thick of laundry.

Oh, I wanted to mention that while I was at the grocery store, I bought this because I read on a blog that they are delicious with sparkling water (which I drink A LOT.)


And let me tell you, this was a good choice. I am loving it.

I also got the pineapple coconut flavor, and am anxious to try that.

Well, I am going to watch Chelsea Handler on Katie Couric. Have a good night!!
Beth WA

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