I’m baaaaaacccckkkkkk….

Hello, everybody!! I am back from Texas.
Well, I have been back for a while, but it has taken me so long to adjust. My sleep patterns have been terrible.
I’ve been so exhausted from not sleeping that I take a nap after school, then I can’t sleep at night, so I am exhausted, and take a nap….grrr… So, last night, I fell asleep at 8:00, and I woke up this morning at 5:22 AM BOO!

I had a really good Weight Watchers week before I went to Texas, but then I went to Texas and gained 6 lbs. But, I just weighed in this morning, and I lost the 6 lbs I gained in Texas, plus a little bit more. YAY!!
I have tried lots of new recipes this week, which I will share this week. Some have been successes, some have not been. But, it’s fun to find low point, healthy recipes that are delicious.

Well, here is my Texas recap in pictures….

This picture was taken about 5 minutes after we reunited!!


This was a picture of her in her pink Stetson that my uncle sent her…


She is so sassy.

I took her to the park a few times to try to get some exercise (I did walk three times for 2.5 miles while I was there, but I also ate and drank a LOT.)


Ava and Craig colored eggs. They are so cute together, I just love their relationship.


One of her Easter gifts was a pleather jacket that she really wanted. My mom sent it to her, and she was THRILLED. This is Ava modeling it for me.


One of the days, I picked her up from school and we got our nails done, then went to get frozen yogurt.


And here are some of the delicious foods my husband and I ate while we were there…

My first po’ boy.


I LOVE hush puppies.



This delicious lobster bisque…


And this drink – I call it my “vacation drink.”


It mostly tasted like a beer slushy. But, it was refreshing.

We really enjoyed our visit with my brother and his wife, and their friends, and of course, Ava. It was nice to see what their lives in Houston are like, and to see how much they like it. Of course, after seeing them, I miss them even more now! But, it’s back to face timing….


Well, I am off to catch up on my google reader, then to walk on the treadmill.

Beth WA

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