One more sleep – and it is not even a real sleep as I have to get up at 4:30 AM – and I get to see my best girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Especially since she does not know we are coming.
I am also excited to go on a vacation with my husband. It will be nice for us to get away. We don’t get to vacation very often, as I’ve mentioned, so it will be a treat!!

Today I have a low key morning planned, and then I have a load of laundry to do, and packing, obviously. I also want to clean out the pantry and refrigerator so that we don’t have a stinky house.

Today is the last day of my Active Link assessment. This measures my activity level and helps me increase it little by little each week by setting goals for 12 weeks. I really need this because I have become quite sedentary.
In the last few years I’ve lost 20 lbs that I’ve kept off for a while. I have been stuck at the same weight for a while, and I have a lot more to lose, and I am hoping my commitment + activelink+ weight watchers is a winning combination. I have to take it day by day. And I’ve learned that doing drastic elimination diets does not work for me, as it lends itself to binge eating for me. I mean, there are foods I definitely don’t have in the house as they are trigger foods, but eliminating a certain food or food group messes with my mind. Maybe if I did it extremely gradually, in a weaning process.

For now, I am going to stick with
*tracking my points on WW online
*eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible
*being more active than I am now

My first official weigh in is tomorrow (Though, I am a daily scale hopper). I tracked all of my points this week, but went way over. I also didn’t exercise. HA HA. But, it was my assessment week, so I am trying to ease into it, as I mentioned earlier, that helps me mentally. The positive is that I didn’t snack after dinner at all this week, and every day I’ve weighed myself has been less than the day before, so that is good.
Baby steps.

I know it will be hard on vacation, but I am hoping to be able to walk outside in Houston in the mornings since the weather is so much nicer than here in Ohio right now!

Well, off to do chores.
I will leave you with a picture of our dog, Sammy. She is going to be so sad when I take out the suitcases today. Although, she is getting the best care in the world – her gramma – who spoils her rotten!


Beth WA

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