Just do it.

Just do it.

That is what I have been telling myself lately when it comes to walking on the treadmill. Eventually, I would like to add in other exercises, but I am going to continue walking until I get my first 30 pounds off, then add in other workouts, like videos.
Anyway, after school yesterday, I knew I needed to walk for at least 45 minutes. I needed the activity points to end the week in the positives. Last week I was negative 4 and I stayed the same on the scale. Well, I walked for 66 minutes, and got all my activity points, and ended the week with points to spare!! WOO HOO!! So, even after a day heavy in the points on Friday, my Saturday weigh in bared good news –


And, I’ve been taking my blood pressure lately, because I notice a correlation between when I am exercising and eating right and my blood pressure going down. Anyway, my bp was 110 over 62!! That is good people!! Very good. My goal has always been to go off my blood pressure medicine and this has given me the hope I needed that this might be possible some day.

This weight loss this week is with a barbecue at my friends house last Saturday, where I indulged in desserts, and a first communion party on Sunday, where I exercised more constraint (because I was eating leftover desserts from said party on Saturday…ha ha ha) But, I tracked everything, and kept working out. I’ve been using all my points, even my activity points, and have still been losing. I always have the intention of not using my activity points, but then, I do. I guess it is ok until I quit using.

Here is a picture from the barbecue at my bff’s house. This is her daughter, Megan, and me. Her daughter was having the best time with the neighborhood kids, so we were cracking up at how dirty she is – because my friend, Liz, is the cleanest person I know.


Some random pictures from my phone over the last few weeks.

Here is the lilac tree in our back yard – it smells SOOO good and is so beautiful.


Here is a picture of a supplement that I have to take to help me get pregnant. My husband and I repeatedly joke about the name of it. Now, you can, too.


And lastly, I will leave you with a picture of my dad in his stylin’ new shades.
We loved them because they were so out of character. (They are actually just try-outs from the optometrist.)


Well, I am going to walk with a dear friend. I was so happy she texted me last night to walk this morning so I can get it out of the way, and actually “just do it” instead of torturing myself all day. HA HA..
Updated to say: I walked 5.1 miles with my friend!!! 100% of activity by 10:30 am. I will take it!
Peace out…xxoxoxoxo
Beth WA

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