Man Alive!!! It is freakin’ July.
And Google Reader is no longer with us. Boo. I am seriously not happy about that whole thing. I switched my stuff to Feedly, but it is saying it is at capacity today and I can’t access my shit. Grr….

Anyway. First blog in weeks and I start off bitching. Ha ha.
It’s been a low key summer as far as vacations and fun, but it’s been busy in other respects.
My mom had hip replacement surgery on June 24th. She is currently in a nursing home/rehab place recovering. She is doing really well, and I anticipate a full recovery.
My niece, Ava is up visiting Ohio for 6 weeks, and I am really loving it, although I am getting a taste of motherhood, and, even with a really well behaved seven year old kid – it’s hard work. Ha ha. It’s also funny because I am so ready for her to go on excursions with her friends so I can have a break, but the minute she leaves – I miss her like crazy.


Love this face and that hair!!

This is the card she got my mom –


So hilarious.

I went to Trader Joes the other day after my doctor’s appointment. (My doctor is 45 minutes away, and that is where Trader Joe’s is located) and I got these delicious chocolate covered almonds. I highly recommend them if you are like me and like salty and sweet. I am not even a sophisticated dark chocolate lover. But these…oh my word…these are fantastic.


Okay, I am off to do some reading. I found out online that my doctor wrote a book called Fertility Foods, so I am going to see what that is all about.

I hope you are all having a great summer…say a prayer for Beth FS and their family. They had to have their family dog put to sleep. It was really sad. Has name was Memphis and he was the friendliest, sweetest golden retriever with the most adorable under bite. RIP Memphee!!!

Beth WA

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