Coffee is hot.

Hey everybody! I just made a delicious coffee smoothie. You see, it has been super hot and humid here and I love my morning coffee, but it is just too damn not. So a week or so ago I purchased this:


And I have been really enjoying it over ice. Also, it’s the same points as my coffee because of all of the cream I put in it.
Today, I thought I would jazz it up, because, well, just because.

I put the silk vanilla latte in the blender with ice and a weight watchers chocolate protein smoothie mix and a bunch of ice. It is delicious. Deeeeelllllliiiiissshhhooouuussss.


Things have been moving along here. I just recently started back on the WW wagon after a month of feeling sorry for myself. I am actually feeling good. I am wondering if my thyroid medicine is kicking in. It said it would take 4-6 weeks and that is where I am now.
I am starting to feel a little more social, more motivated, and less sulky.

My 20 year reunion is in a few weeks! I can’t believe it. I am so excited because so many of my close friends will be there, and two of them are staying at my house!

Anybody else have any big reunions coming up?

Beth WA

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3 Responses to Coffee is hot.

  1. everytime i’ve tried soy milk I have had such a weird facial reaction to it!! Maybe the reason being i didn’t try making a coffee smoothie will totally try it out!! I love coffee oh so much.

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