Taco Salad

So, tonight for dinner I had planned to make my mom’s Taco Salad.
It is delicious. It is a salad that has Dorito’s on it. Enough said, right?
Well, what if I told you that wasn’t even the best part?

Recipe for the Best Taco Salad Ever.

Shredded cheese
Corn (Roasted in a skillet)
Kidney Beans
Diced Onion
Ground beef, browned (no seasoning necessary, but sometimes I add taco seasoning)
Dorito’s crumpled on top –I usually use the traditional Dorito’s but today I used the Spicy Sweet Chili flavor


And the best part? It’s the dressing.
It is one part Taco Sauce to one part Catalina dressing. I use classic Catalina because fat free is gross.


Trust me, it is delicious.

Have a good week!
Beth WA

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1 Response to Taco Salad

  1. Beth A's Mom says:

    Thankyou for the homage but honestly Aunt Sandy is the originator!

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