Five more sleeps

Five more sleeps until I start my “lifestyle change.”  I am actually looking forward to it, and I am also nervous, since I put it all out here.

My mom and I are going to Trader Joe’s on Monday or Wednesday after my dermatologist’s appointment.  I have to make the menu plan before then.  I plan on trying Sunday meal prep for my lunches for the week, and parts of the dinners.  My mom said she would also help with some meals if I need it.  She is da

I tried to have Henry sleep in his crib today using the cry it out method.  And it was awful.  He looked so terrified, and ended up getting himself hysterical, and starving.  So, I ended up feeding him, thinking he would pass right out.  But, he was so worked up, he just couldn’t fall asleep right away.  I am going to put that in the back burner for a few more weeks.  I thought he was ready, but at 2.5 months, I think he is still too little.  He didn’t look pissed he looked and sounded scared.  So, I am going to keep putting him in the crib when he is awake to get used to the area, so when the time comes that we are both ready, and I know it will – we can try again.  He does well at night in his rock n play, but he will be growing out of that soon, and into the crib he will go.  I hate the “making my baby cry” part of parenting.  It’s like the grading and disciplining parts of teaching, something you have to do for the betterment of the kids – even if it is really hard on you.

Well, I am going to finish watching this DVR’d show (Chicago PD), and then hit the hay.  Henry slept 7 hours straight last night which was awesome because I was EXHAUSTED.

I hope everybody is having a fun weekend.


Beth WA

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