Exhausted. Overwhelmed.

Today I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. I also feel inept. I am guessing mom’s feel like this all of the time, but, they seem to still function.
I am having trouble functioning after this week. I’ve been sick, Henry had a virus and is better now but has been very challenging. Especially with night time sleep. His day time sleep has always been challenging. I could handle one but not both, it seems.

Also, my husband worked 7 days in a row. Today being the 7th day.

I have mounds of laundry.
I have to get to the grocery store.
I have to straighten up my house for a cleaning service.
I have tons of school work piling up at school.
And what I really need is 8 hours of sleep.
I feel like a big baby. My friends all do and did this with other kids in tow.
So, I will have this pity party and then get over it.
It is 2:04, I am starving and thirsty. But instead I sit here holding my precious baby, because as we know he doesn’t sleep in a bed. Lol.

And I will be thankful. And weepy. And tired. And hungry.

And repeating my mantra.

“This is just a phase.” 😏




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3 Responses to Exhausted. Overwhelmed.

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Beth ,
    As your Aunt Sheila said!
    Your Happy- Healthy and Terrific!
    Love Ya All
    Aunt Angie

  2. keepingtrac says:

    All your friends and family who have done it with or without other kids in tow also had days and weeks like this! You just take it one day/hour/minute at a time sometimes. Love you! (Ps. OMG those cheeks on Henry! I just adore him!)

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