Merry Christmas.

Good evening! I am writing this in my son’s room in the pitch dark as I wait a few minutes to make sure he is asleep. He had a big day today and is having a hard time staying asleep.
We have also moved him from his rock n play sleeper to his big boy crib. And we have stopped holding him for naps and have been putting him in the crib.

We have been planning this for months since Craig (my husband) and I have were both off this week.
While it hasn’t been a disaster, it has been challenging, and I am glad we decided to do it together and when we were off work.

During the night the first night he slept fine but when he woke up the first time he wouldn’t stop crying when I would lay him down. That went on for about an hour, then he did fine the second time. He actually slept longer that night than ever before.
The other two nights have been good sleeping but when he gets up to eat he is up for an hour and a half. In his rock n play I would just lay him back down and he would put himself back to sleep.
But, he is just getting used to it so I am going to give it some time.

During the day. Oy vay.
We put him down. Let him cry a bit. Comfort him. Put him back down. And if he doesn’t go down after the third attempt we just bring him downstairs. Eventually he has gotten tired enough all three days where he takes one size able nap in his crib.
I know he is not getting enough sleep during the day with that one nap, but hopefully he gets adjusted in the next few weeks and is back to taking his 2-3 naps.

Tonight has been the roughest night. He has been up 3-4 times since we laid him down. He normally doesn’t do that. I blame it on an overstimulated day, crib training, and starting food all in the last few weeks.
He is just such a sweetie. It breaks my heart when he is crying and so tired. And he just wants to sleep.

Anyway. I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas. I hope to blog more in the new year. I need to get my life together weight wise, fitness wise, and budget wise.

I will leave you with some pictures of my bug.





Merry Christmas!!

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