Oh, blogging, how I miss thee.

Hello, everyone!
I hope you haven’t given up on me as I navigate working parenthood. Some days are better than others and it all seems to revolve around the amount and quality of my sleep. 😴

Things are really going pretty well. I have had a few days of crabbiness and overwhelmedness (is that a word?) but I think I may climb out of it.
I participated in a diet bet this month along with my friend Liz. We both lost 4% of our body weight and really helped each other with texts, calls and support. More on that later…

Henry is growing so quickly. He has two teeth ready to pop out any minute. I will leave you with some adorable pics of my baby boy.
I have so much more to write- but I am
going to bed. But, I thought I would write a little something – because it’s better than nothing. I hope.





Looking forward to catching up…

Beth WA

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1 Response to Oh, blogging, how I miss thee.

  1. maeussle says:

    Wow…he’s grown quite a bit! You look great together 🙂

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