Good afternoon!

Last night my husband took Henry duty all night and morning as I did it yesterday for him.
And, of course, for the first time ever, Henry slept straight through until 5 AM from 545 pm last night.
On my night he got up at 1 to eat and then at 408 am.
But, it’s all good. I love my Bug!



These are picture of him really concentrating. I absolutely adore this face he makes when he is deep in thought- sometimes it is mixed with a smirk. It’s like he is acknowledging that I am watching him but still trying to look very busy.

Henry has reached so many milestones lately. He rolls over both ways, he is really trying to crawl, he sits up pretty well, he got TWO teeth on the bottom, and he laughs and makes noises constantly.

We just adore him and feel so lucky to be his parents.

I think I have a blog schedule that might work for me, so maybe I will become more regular at this. I miss it.

Beth WA

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1 Response to Good afternoon!

  1. Angie says:

    Hopefully he well sleep all night for you.
    Keep the photos coming😃
    Thanks Angie

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