New Rituals

Good evening! I hope everybody is having a great Thursday. I am looking forward to the weekend, although I have this cough that I just can’t shake and after my first ab workout in years last night, coughing is not my friend. 

Right now I am doing one of my favorite things, sitting on my duff watching DVR from my favorite spot on our sectional. This used to be the time I would binge (I am 4 days binge free!!). I would have a multitude of snacks and desserts from now until bed time. So, I’ve subbed a new ritual for that old one. I make myself a cup of caffeine free hot tea and have a small snack or sweet. Tonight it is 8 sea salt and chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s. Two of the nights I just had tea. 

I was remarking to my husband how much smaller my dessert bowl is! 

Another ritual I replaced was my morning latte. I used to foam cream and then add coffee. It’s delicious. So I switched to hot tea with one stevia. It saves me about 140 or so calories per day. But man alive did I have a horrendous head ache for a few days. However, I am treating myself to the lattes on the weekends, I will just cut back some where else.

Well, I gotta pay attention to SVU. 

Have a good night! 


Beth WA

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4 Responses to New Rituals

  1. asha says:

    I fOllie Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper) on Instagram, she is working towards 21 days of working out in a row bc 21 days consistently develops a habit! Keep it up. Hoping to change my binge ritual now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Liza says:

    Good for you, friend. I have also been indulging in tea in the evenings…Bigelow Vanilla chai is a favorite.

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