I flipped a tire 

I knew when I embarked on this journey I would have to leave my comfort zone that I have created at this weight- and take risks. Well, joining this group at the gym certainly was out of my comfort zone at this time in my life. And tonight at class I flipped a freakin tire! I’ve always wanted to try it. 

Here’s photo proof.  


I had a few non-scale victories today. I was off work for an appointment and I had to go to a town about an hour away to get my fingerprints done to renew my teaching license this year. On my way back I was starving and had no idea what I was going to eat. When I am staring and I go into a restaurant, it is not a good situation. The restaurant I chose was a chain- BJ’s Brewhouse. I was delighted to see that they have a light menu with the calories listed. I got this delicious Mahi Mahi on Israeli couscous- it was called North Beach Mahi Mahi with shrimp. 


And this amazing appetizer called honey sriracha Brussels sprouts. 


Combined it was 770 calories. It was a LOT of food. And that sounds like a lot of calories but I get 1850 a day and I had a 450 calorie breakfast and no snack so I still had plenty for dinner. The Brussels sprouts were actually an appetizer to share but I was there by myself and they were delicious! 

TGIF everybody! 

What’s everybody up to this weekend? 
Xoxox Beth wa 

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4 Responses to I flipped a tire 

  1. Angie says:

    Your the best looking girl I have seen flipping tires. Keep going😀 Love Ya

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