10 days binge free

I would have to say that this journey’s honeymoon has officially worn off. It’s reached the part where I really have to work hard to get through the day and evening and staying on plan. But the upside of that is I am so proud of myself when I get another day under my belt. 

I had a great class tonight at the gym. I love my support group. It totally reset my brain and some things I was stressing about before I left practically left my mind while I was there. 

Well, off to drink my tea and eat my almonds. 


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2 Responses to 10 days binge free

  1. Angie says:

    I feel the same way everyday. You have to keep on track. I know it’s easier said then done . I try to come up with a reason to stay in bed and not walk everyday. I miss some days 😁
    But it’s ok you just start over the next day and keep going 😊
    Love Ya Angie

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