Today was rough. 

I had a very hungry day and was very prone to a binge. I ate over my calories by 200, but I didn’t binge and for that I am proud of myself. I had 100 grams of protein and was still hungry. I must need to up my greens. Or maybe it was just a hungry day. Lol! 

Just glad to make it binge free. 

And I know for sure had I not meal prepped and meal planned I would’ve definitely fallen off the wagon for sure. It’s really hard for me not to eat a bunch of crap. I love crap food. Or I love the way it makes me feel. Or not feel. 

Any ways- this post is kind of a drag so I am going to end it. Tomorrow is a new day! 


Beth WA 

PS here’s a pic of my bug drinking from my bubba keg


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