Ten pounds down

So, I am only ten pounds down in a 100+ pound journey, but it feels damn good. And I love my group at the gym so damn much. Tonight we were doing aerobics and there were other “fit” people in the room and I instantly became self conscious, then I thought- forget it! Have fun and enjoy the music and the company! And, I did.  

While there haven’t been major changes in clothes fitting or physical things, I can tell you my energy level and attitude are 100% turned around. I just feel much more upbeat and am working on not letting other’s negative energy bring me down. 

Here’s my 10 lbs down picture. This is what I wore to the gym, so nothing fancy. 


I didn’t take an initial before pic, so this will be the closest thing, I guess!

Tonight I had a million calories left because my son commandeered and mushed up my dinner at my mom’s. So I decided to try one of these I had ordered online:


I added a few white chocolate chips (14 g), a few strawberries and 2 tbsp of Reddi whip. 

I mean 4 tbsp of ReddiWhip. It won’t let me go back and edit on my phone right now. 

And I am drinking my tea- I got a new flavor. It’s Celesial Seasonings Sugar cookie. I don’t really think it tastes like sugar cookies but it’s delicious. 

We had Science Fair after school today and I stayed to help out, and two good things came out of that…



2. I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow. That is the best thing in the world for me because as I have previously mentioned my work pants inventory is not great. 

Have a good week! We’re on the downward slide to the weekend! 


Beth WA

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