Thursday Jean Day

I got to wear jeans to school today because my boss suggested it after we stayed to clean up the science fair last night and of course I jumped on it! I love jeans days, especially now that my jeans actually fit! 

I made Pioneer Woman comfort meatballs for dinner and they turned out pretty well. I ate very little but enough to be satisfied, but saved calories for my muffin! Lol. It was good but not as good as last night. Tonight I had pumpkin chocolate.  Here are my meatballs….

I think I would’ve liked them in a crusty roll. 

We got some disappointing news tonight and I am feeling a little blue.  I am sticking to my routine, though. Just finished my muffin and am about to drink my tea. 

Also, a non scale victory I had today was not eating the desserts provided to the teachers today in the teachers lounge today at lunch! I stayed on plan. Woo hoo! 

Well, going to relax for a few before zzzzzz…

Beth WA

PS here’s a selfie with Henry 


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2 Responses to Thursday Jean Day

  1. Angie says:

    Hope your ok. Sorry about your news I don’t know what it was . I love the selfie. Let me know if I can help. Love Ya Aunt Angie
    P.S. You look great keep going 😊

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