Under the weather 

I am feeling a little under the weather today. I haven’t exercised for 3 straight days- that’s the longest since I started my group at the gym. I just have a really congested chest so, I am hoping I sleep good tonight and feel a bit better tomorrow. I plan on going to my group tomorrow. 

I ordered some body pump weights from Amazon and I subscribed to Les Mills on demand. I plan on doing body pump at home on Tuesday and Thursday for 30 minutes, and Saturdays I plan on doing the 55 minute class. I plan on going to my gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my group, and on Sunday’s at 1:00 there is a hip hop cardio class I am going to take with my friend, the other Beth! I am really looking forward to doing body pump at home. It was a hassle to make it to the Saturday class, and it was over crowded, people were selfish with equipment, and it always starts late and ends late. I would end up being gone 2 hours and I didn’t like that. I like my mornings with my bug. Now I can do it while Henry naps on Saturdays, and still get to hang with him all day. 

I am going to read a few magazines tonight. I used to be so into magazines but not so much any more since I read so many blogs. It is really hard to cancel a magazine subscription as they keep sending bills and annoying notices. 

Anyway. Current view:

 My boyfriend, Lieutenant Kenda (young and old) and 

Homemade coconut oil chocolate (Healthy Tipping Point recipe), magazines, monitor, remote and tea spoon and Splenda. I usually use Stevia but I found a box of Splenda in the cabinet and I don’t want to waste it! 

Hope everybody has a good evening!


Beth WA

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