Feeling about 52%

If I were to measure how I was feeling, yesterday morning would’ve been a 2.5% and today I started out at about 65% and slowly deteriorated to about 40%. But, after going to exercise I can say I am back at about a 52%. Ha ha! My BFF, Tracy and me use this percentage model to describe our hangover recover back in the day…

Yes, you heard me.  I went to exercise. Woo hoo. It was a short one, 25 minutes, but just what I needed as I am still feeling under the weather. I am looking forward to going to bed tonight! Zzz.  

I am really proud of myself for staying on plan, especially yesterday when I was home all day by myself.  That would’ve been a prime example of when I would’ve binged. But, I don’t have that food in the house AND I slept all damn day! Lol. 

I am about to plan my meals for the week because I am going to Trader Joe’s tomorrow to get our weekly groceries. I thought it might be a nice change up. Plus! I need my dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds with turbinado sugar. They are a perfect sweet for me as I am able to resist over eating them for some reason. I am using the Trader Joe’s website for recipes, too! 

Before I go I will leave you with an adorable pic of my Henry with his Dylan McKay scratch on his eye brow.  


Beth WA

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