Body Pump at Home

Today was a busy but good day. The sun was shining and I was busy the whole time. I got up super early. My husband and I are on a two night rotation with Henry and I got bad luck this weekend. I am recovering from a sickness and I got both Friday and Saturday. Boo to getting up early both days but it’s fun to hang with Henry in the morning.  He is always in a super good mood.  Anyway, I had coffee and cleaned the kitchen. Then sat around for a few while I drank my coffee. 

I did Body Pump at home at 9:30 and I loved it. I had all the room I needed and nobody was beating me to the equipment. Plus it’s a bunch of hot Aussies that lead the class. 

I got my hair done at 11, stopped and got a Jimmy John’s sandwich and then drive to Kettering to go to Trader Joe’s. That’s about a 40 minute drive from my house. I got a bunch of yummy food, spent way too much money and came home super tired. Craig went to run errands and I cleaned up the back porch and many of the rooms of my house. I love my husband and son but they are messy messy messy. Now I am waiting for Henry to fall asleep and he is taking a long time. I am super tired and ready for bed but I like to have a few minutes of down time between his bedtime and mine. 

My mom came over for dinner and despite having loads of food to cook, we had very little motivation so we ordered burgers from the place across the street. We also realized mid evening that Henry had a 101.7 fever. Oops! I gave him some Tylenol so we shall see. He was in good spirits, he just looked tired. 

So, we took off his shirt and he hung out on the chair eating yogurt. 

I just got him to start saying, “cheese!” when he gets his picture taken so you can see him saying it in the third pic down. 


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Body Pump at Home

  1. Angie says:

    Hope our Bug feels better tomorrow.

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