Sickness wins. 

Ugh. Henry had his highest fever ever last night. We went to the doctor today and it’s just a virus. He is in good spirits but when you look at his face you can tell he is under the weather. 

And my sickness is holding on. I was up with Henry from 2:30-5:15. 😴 I feel crappy today. I am hoping some good sleep tonight will help. 

For my lunches this week I got Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt chicken salad to have sandwiches, and my Fage total with berries. Yummm. 

I made a dinner meal plan for the week using recipes from the Trader Joe’s website. Tonight we are having Sriracha wings. Craig is making them right now. 

I am not too hopeful for tomorrow’s weigh in. I am hoping to stay the same or lose a teensy bit. I stayed on plan eating wise but because of mine and Henry’s sickness I only worked out twice this week! And I don’t feel any lighter if that makes sense. And I have been sooo thirsty all week! I have had lots of water but just can’t keep up.  It must be the medicine I’ve been taking. 

I am ready to get back on my exercise schedule tomorrow. I missed it this week.  I am hoping to be better by next weekend for my three day weekend. Woot woot! 

I hope everybody had a great weekend.  Anybody doing anything fun for the Super Bowl? I am not. Lol. And I am okay with it. I need sleep. Or did I already mention that? 

Here’s my sick sleeping bug last night.  

He loves his pillow. 

Lent starts on Wednesday and I think I am going to give up online shopping or limit it to a certain number of purchases. (Except for my Amazon subscribe and save.). I have to think about it. Any Catholics out there giving anything up for Lent?

Beth WA

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