Sunday Night Struggles

Ugh. I am struggling. As I mentioned my weigh in probably won’t be great, I had a busy day, didn’t exercise, went 100 calories over and have spent the last few hours beating myself up. I am behind at work because I was sick last week and I am planning a classroom Mardi Gras party for Tuesday, and I have a few doctor’s appointments for which I have to miss school. 

So, I asked my husband to put Henry to bed. I straightened up the living room. I got my pajamas on. I made my tea. 

Then I tried to get a grip. 

If this would’ve happened a month ago I would’ve just spent the evening eating everything in my house and skipped my weigh in tomorrow. I would’ve worked out 0 times this week and I would’ve been over my calories by more than 1000. I can’t be perfect. This journey is going to have its ups and downs and I have to be nicer to myself. 

So, I am going to enjoy my tea, play my computer solitaire game that I am addicted to, watch ID Discovery (not the Super Bowl 😜), and enjoy the moment. I am going to be proud of myself for my many non scale victories this week and hit the ground running tomorrow. 

Thanks for all of your support! 


Beth WA

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