Snow Day #2

I had my second snow day in a row today.  But it started out as a two hour delay called the night before. Well, Henry misunderstood and woke up at 4 am crying and then at 5:10 am for the day. 💤😴💤😴

I always say this, but he’s lucky he is so cute!!! I was tired and crabby most of the day and I felt bad. And I was on my phone too much. And so it was that my Lenten promise was born. I am going to keep my phone plugged into the charger in the kitchen until Henry goes to bed.  I am addicted to it and grab it for no reason incessantly. The only exception is logging my food. I need to do that.

Anyway, I was tired and crabby and feeling bad for Henry that he had to spend the day with me. I was really struggling with wanting to eat all day long! Henry was kind of crabby himself, and then my dad saved the day. He came and picked him up at 4:45 to go hang out and have dinner. And so I went to the gym early and did a few minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of a Zumba class, and my regular 30 minute support group/class. And what an attitude adjustment that was. I feel so much better and now I am sitting on my couch drinking tea. No treat tonight. I had waffles for dinner, and a protein drink when I got home from the gym. I feel good and just tea is all I want and all I planned for. 

Here are a few selfies that Henry and I took today. 


I don’t know why the last one turned sideways??

Here are a few he took himself after I taught him to press the button. 




I have been craving ice cream like crazy so on Saturday night I have planned to have Cold Stone. I don’t want to have a pint at my house so my Valentine’s treat is going to be an Oreo ice cream. I already put it in myfitnesspal. I am doing body pump and a sweating to the oldies class on Saturday to help offset the 710 calories I am spending on ice cream. Mmmmm.
I am really proud of myself for surviving 2 snow days in a row with no bingeing and without going over my calories! Woo hoo! 

How is everybody else doing? Is being home all day a trigger for you? Or do you do better?

Have a good night, people!! Xoxoxo

Beth WA

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