Eating with Dignity

I know I’ve talked about Binge Eating Disorder before, and I’ve never been diagnosed by a professional but I know I have it. If you’ve ever seen a checklist for it, I can check all the boxes. And as somebody with BED, I often would eat in private. I didn’t want people to know bow much I was actually eating. I was full of shame. I am trying to break free from this feeling by being responsible and balanced with my food. 

Today I was challenged. A parent brought in a box of goodies from a local bakery that included my favorite frosted sugar cookies. Before I started this current journey I would have grabbed one and went back to my room and eaten it in private with my lunch. And maybe even gone back for seconds. But, today, I went down with a Ziploc Baggie and put my beloved cookie in the bag and resolved to fit it in at some point but that it may not be today. And because of the way today went I happened to have enough extra calories to make that cookie my evening treat with my tea. So, instead of sneaking it, eating it and feeling guilty about it all day and then beating myself up, perhaps leading me to blow the whole day, I had it to look forward to all day.  I knew I was going to eat it and enjoy it, and not feel guilty about it at all. And, friends, that is eating with dignity, and that’s what I am about to do! 


Also, I got my 10,000 steps today! Woo hoo! 
Have a great evening. 


Beth WA

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