Where is my energy?

Ugh. I’ve been struggling to find energy. I am not sure what it is. I am thinking I might be eating too many carbs. I know I ate more carbs this week than I have been and maybe that’s it. Or, maybe I am just tired. But, I am going to keep at it. It has been rough keeping the momentum going.  I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning and have been bummed ever since.  I had planned on having Cold Stone tonight as a treat and planning my day around it but I ended up being too hungry and just ate normal all day. 

Tomorrow I am going to a hip hop class at the gym with Beth FS and I am excited and nervous. We’ve been wanting to take a hip hop class since we were in our twenties, so this should be fun and funny. I keep telling her we will be like Kid N Play in that movie House Party. Today I went with my mom to a Dancing to the Oldies class that was a really good aerobic workout. I was glad I went. 

Well, I just cleaned my kitchen and living room and sitting down drinking my tea having some dark chocolate with almonds in it. Yummmm. And I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yay! And I have Monday off. 

I have to do my meal planning and grocery shopping tomorrow. I am going to go to Aldi and try it out and then Kroger for the things I can’t find at Aldi. One thing I know for sure is I am making my sweet potato goat cheese quiche for my lunches. And I want to make some sort of mixed green salad with balsamic for the side. I really want to work on getting my veggies in this week. I am thinking of making a zucchini boat recipe one night, and stuffed peppers another night. 

Here are some selfies Henry and I took this morning when we were snuggling.  

And here is a picture of Henry being amazed at the big snow flakes the other night.  


Have a good Valentine’s Day! 


Beth WA

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1 Response to Where is my energy?

  1. Liza says:

    I actually tried Aldi a couple weeks ago…and while the prices were awesome, I am not sure I am get used to the quality. Not for me.

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