Oops. I am eating a snack. 

Ha ha. I just had a snack even though I said I wouldn’t. But it was because I had 400 extra calories and I was hungry. I didn’t love the dinner I made and I didn’t have time to eat more. So, I had a Quest bar. And I am drinking blueberry tea. I am not sure how I feel about fruity teas, but I have a box to use up, so blueberry it is. 

Today was a pretty good day. I picked up Henry from my parents and we stopped at Kroger to get cornflakes for this recipe I was making. And wouldn’t you know it when I got home all I wanted was endless bowls of cornflakes in whole milk. I don’t even particularly like corn flakes. Don’t worry, I resisted. But, gheez. I made a coconut chicken salad with homemade dressing. I loved the chicken and did not like the dressing or the lettuce. 

Then my mom and I went to the gym. I did a half hour Zumba class then I did the class with my support group. Both classes kicked my booty tonight. And I have almost 12,000 steps! 

Then I came home and snuggled a few minutes with Henry before he was fast asleep! 

Tomorrow I work until 11 then Craig and Henry are picking me up and we are going to Craig’s uncle’s funeral. Craig’s mom really wanted us to bring Henry, so we are. I just picked out two really cute outfits for him. I am going to let Craig pick the tie breaker. 

I don’t have any pictures today, so I will just say, see ya later!!!


Beth WA

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