The Ups and Downs of Life

The downs:

Well, as I have talked about before on this blog, my husband and I struggled with infertility for years before I got pregnant with Henry.  This was possible with the help of a doctor. We’ve been struggling with that same issue again and the permanence of my infertility is staring me in the face. Today was a rough day. We could use some prayers if you’ve got some to spare. 

The ups:

Instead of spiraling out of control and binging and sleeping all afternoon, I went to my regularly scheduled exercise classes. One is at 4:30 and one is at 7.  I ate in my calories, and I even passed up pizza for lunch because I knew I was having it for dinner and I had packed my own lunch. I socialized but didn’t eat the pizza.  

The downs:

I graded all day and still have 6 sets of papers to grade. Boo! I hope I get it done this weekend.

The ups:

I have lots planned this weekend including going to a play to watch some of my stents perform – one of them is Beth FS’s daughter whom I love dearly. Sunday is an open house at my gym and I am going to two classes. I am hoping a few friends joined me that I invited. 

That’s all I have for today! 

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday  nights! 

Beth WA 

 This is my sleeping baby yesterday while we were in Columbus for a funeral. He was such a good boy! 

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